Mediation to Stay Married 

Mediation to Stay Married is a form of mediation used to assist couples with working through issues that at best are complicating their marriage and are at worst leading them to the brink of divorce.  Issues like finances, child rearing, communication problems, and infidelity, among other things, often cause couples to struggle. We use mediation to work through those issues to provide a roadmap to peace.

Our staff of trained professionals brings couples together in a safe haven to not only discuss their issues but to actively work toward a resolution of their issues.  Through Mediation to Stay Married sessions, our couples leave armed with relationship specific techniques, rules, and guidelines to effectively deal with the issues that threaten to end their marriage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Disclaimer: The content relayed in this FAQ section is purely informational and should not be construed as legal advice. 

Expert Opinions

As a marriage and family therapist I work with many couples who successfully complete marital counseling and ask “what’s next?”. For these successful couples, I find a great deal of value in Mediation to Stay Married as they desire a maintenance plan/agreement for their marriage.

–Damaris Solomon-Johnson, MFT, LAMFT

Mediation is an excellent resource for couple’s striving to resolve marital differences in an efficient and cost-effective manner. This is a great step in assuring both parties can continue to live happy lives after conflict and/ divorce. Mediation to Stay Married consists of a dedicated and caring team of professionals that will put the needs of clients first!

–Stephanie Blackett, LCSW